Continuous And Personal Service

Estate planning, at least our approach to estate planning, is very different from most other legal practice areas in one way: it is much more personal. From selection of charities to selection of trustees and successor trustees — not to mention the selection of guardians for children and special needs children, every aspect of estate planning is intensely personal.

And so is our practice (indeed, it was dissatisfaction with the impersonal nature of other practice areas that inclined me to shift my area of practice to estate planning in the first place). I make it a point to know each of my clients on a personal basis — and that is, I think, how it should be.

Why Estate Planning Is Different?

When you have a lease drawn up for a commercial property you own, no one needs to know about your children's disabilities. And once the lease is drawn and executed, tax returns do not need to be prepared and defended based on that lease.

But an estate planning lawyer needs to know not only about children's disabilities, but also needs to see to it that appropriate returns are prepared, filed and defended. Thus, the estate planning engagement is both more continuous and much more personal than other legal engagements.

I have often said to clients that if they don't like me or I don't like them, the estate planning lawyer-client relationship probably won't work out. And I would go a bit further and advise that if you have an estate planning lawyer and you don't feel personally engaged with them, get someone else because they probably can't do justice to your case.

These are, of course, my personal opinions.

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