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A Guide Through The Estate Administration Process

Probate can be very complex. Unless you have navigated the probate process before, it is likely you have no idea of how it works.

Making this even more difficult is the fact that you are dealing with the loss of a loved one at the same time. Making mistakes in estate administration can be extremely costly to your loved ones. As an attorney with strong experience in probate and estate administration, I can take over these duties and help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Steps In The Probate Process

There are many steps associated with estate administration, including:

  1. Providing notice to creditors
  2. Inventorying estate assets
  3. Paying valid estate debts
  4. Preparing and filing all tax returns, including the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Return, decedent’s last income tax return, the estate’s income tax returns, unfiled gift tax returns, etc.
  5. Paying state and federal taxes
  6. Preparing an accounting
  7. Distributing estate assets to the beneficiaries

There are many specific rules and deadlines to be followed as well. With more than four decades of legal experience, I will work diligently to complete these processes without undue delay. I will provide regular updates on my progress, and will clearly communicate with you from beginning to end. In addition to administering estates, I have extensive experience serving as a trustee.

Our Estate Administration Fees

In Pennsylvania, attorneys’ fees for estate administration are generally based on a formula. Known as the Johnson Estate formula, attorneys’ fees are based on the value of the estate. In many cases, this formula does not accurately reflect the lawyer’s time or effort but rather reflects only the size of the estate. This can result in largely unearned fees to lawyers.

I do things differently. Instead of charging my clients based on the value of the estate, I charge my normal hourly rate. As a result, my attorneys’ fees reflect the work I actually do. Typically, this results in substantial savings for my clients. I do have a minimum fee of $3,000, because there are various tasks involved in administering an estate that are required, regardless of the estate’s size or complexity. Above all, I am focused on creating value for my clients.

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